Laboratory Service

Refsol International provides on-site laboratory services including testing and reporting for day-to-day operations management and optimisation of detailed on-site studies and trials. We intend to extend our services to solve our clients’ specific needs in chemical, process, and industrial optimisation specialities by linking science and technology to solutions.

We provide a comprehensive range of analyses primarily for the oil and gas and water treatment programs. Our versatile approach allows us to provide testing services across a number of other industries. We continuously add new methods and tests as the market evolves and new client needs are identified. We engage with our clients on their requirements as their input guides our new test development program. Our Laboratory Services protocols are defined by the R&D departments of our technology providers. Our modern laboratories are continuously being updated and expanded with a wider range of apparatus and electronic instrumentation.

Our Core Services
    • Metal analysis
    • Water content
    • pH
    • Distillations
    • Fouling analysis
    • Viscosity – Dynamic
    • Salinity
    • Ashing (Dry, Wet and sulphate)
    • Filterable solids or dissolved solids
    • Moisture - Karl Fischer Titrations
    • Chloride ion in water – Titration
    • Water (Chloride, Sulphide, Metals)
Current Instruments
    • Viscometer
    • Furnace & Oven
    • pH meter
    • Titrando
    • Karl Fischer
    • Titrino
    • Ultra-violent - visible Spectrometer
    • Gas chromatograph
    • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Planned Investments
    • FTIR
    • Gas chromatograph
    • Ultraviolet – visible spectrometer
    • In addition to the chemistry lab – Microbiology Lab