Our Story

Global technology partners on Oil & Gas Process Chemicals, Advanced Fuel technologies, Water Treatment and Fiscal Marking. Refsol has a presence at all South African Refineries and Petrochemical facilities. Refsol has a proven track record in supply chain management of hazardous chemicals and critical processing environments, and provide exceptional monitoring, reporting and international benchmarking.

Our Mission

We will achieve our vision by: leveraging the most advanced technologies in the world, by seeking suitable cutting edge global... read more

Our Vision

To be the best service provider of global technologies into Oil, Gas and Chemicals Processing Sector in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Values


From operational excellence to excellence in our business sustainability.


We are committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers.


Our dedication to quality is the cornerstone of our success.


A clear commitment towards creative and efficient solutions.

Our Executive Team

Refsol International’s Team is a young dynamic. The organisation cultivates a learning culture that allows members of the team to expand in the knowledge base. Refsol International has been developing an effective team within an atmosphere of innovation cooperation and team spirit. Our teams are capable of multitasking.

The technical team of Refsol International is driven by expertise underwritten by the strategic relationship with our international partners. This expertise factored into locally relevant solutions has become our core differentiator, from our competitors. We respond to challenges arising within dynamic processing environments and the need to continuously optimise for cost and quality. Our team has developed a reputation for being reliable and active within environments that demand high levels of integrity.

Our internship program is focused on instilling the above attributes in the young graduates that we train each year.

We believe in Technical teams that are:

  • Globally connected
  • Technologically advanced
  • Current on worldwide trends
  • Directed by innovation
  • Agile and collaborative
  • Dedicated to service excellence
  • Serious about environmental concerns
  • Responsive to change

CEO Profile

Previan Naicker has 28 years of experience within the Southern African Chemicals Industry (2 years in the pharmaceutical industry and 26 years in speciality chemicals). He has been involved within the Southern African region’s Refineries and lubricants manufacturing sector for many years, with involvement in neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Angola, Kenya, and Zambia. A particular achievement was the successful introduction, roll-out and management of the first Fuel Marker Program on the African continent.

In 2007, Previan started a Consulting company based on his unique understanding of the complex environment of specialised chemicals within the wider Southern African region. He has crafted an organisation around the strategic concept of creating value from synergistic relationships. His extensive experience in value chain optimisation and logistics support enables him to have the core capabilities to deliver critical logistic and value-added services. The team around Previan has been developed around this culture of value and service delivery.

CSI Projects

We have been actively involved in social upliftment programs and currently provide business development advice and planning services to small start-ups and SMME’s, Pro-Bono.

Our upliftment programs include providing computers & Tablets to disadvantaged school children and providing these children with meals.

Scholarships are given to deserving candidates to further their tertiary education to achieve their full potential. These scholarships had been consistently maintained even during our Covid 19 Pandemic to Primary school learners and Special Aided Learners.

We Don't Limit Ourselves (our Future )

The diversity of businesses we work with encompass a wide range of industries. Helping our clients grow their businesses no matter the industry they are in is a testament to the experience and capability of our team. We help growing businesses reach the next level no matter their product or services.