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Refsol International ensures that contractual issues related to global supply agreements are complied with across the entire value chain. This is particularly relevant to the African Refining Industries using international technology partners. The key differentiator between REFSOL INTERNATIONAL and other regional players is the ability to understand value chains and find a creative fit between local and international players in the industry, in a transparent manner. REFSOL INTERNATIONAL prides itself in being able to create relationships that are based on mutual and trust and sustainable value addition across the supply chain.

Extensive interaction with international manufacturers at all levels has uniquely positioned REFSOL INTERNATIONAL to provide the necessary experience and skills to handle negotiations and discussions at any level within multinationals. Experience in handling the supply of materials into on-site point of use with strategic feedback loops to support replenishment and re-order initiatives.

Refsol International Background

Over 14 years of service

REFSOL INTERNATIONAL was established in 2007. Over the years, REFSOL INTERNATIONAL has also developed expertise in the SMME sector with a view to creating the environment for new talent and encouraging entrepreneurship, supporting innovation, and formulating sustainable strategies to encourage creative thinking. This has resulted in the development of several relationships with South African and International companies. The creation of sustainable supply chains while eliminating redundancies is key to the REFSOL International strategy for value creation.

The Chemical distribution business is hinged upon the principle of value addition at all stages of the value chain. REFSOL INTERNATIONAL has developed significant relationships within the Oil & Gas sector, specifically within the South African refineries and Petrochemical complexes. REFSOL INTERNATIONAL’s global relationships include some of the world’s largest chemicals companies, i.e.:

The organisation has achieved a significant presence in the Oil and Gas Sector of Southern Africa. Refsol has become a respected service provider in these sectors with core skills in Process optimisation, design, Customised delivery options and analytical and testing services. Our onsite teams are trained to global standards in supporting the processing environments within our ecosystem.

Our Achievement

  • 2008 - EMS registered as an entity.
             - Consulting in the Lubricants industry.
    2010 - Process chemical business at SAPREF.
    2012 - Successful contract signed with Dorf Ketal
  • 2013 - Implementation of process chemicals at SAPREF
    2014 - First finished fuel business in the region.
    2015 - Expansion of business and water treatment venture.
    2016 - R&D division in progress.
  • 2017 - New business ventures in Sasolburg.
    2018 - First business in TOTAL entity.
    2019 - New business development in terms of Detergents.

Industry Sectors

Laboratory Service

On-site laboratory services testing and reporting for day-to-day operations management and optimisation detailed on-site studies and trials

Material Handling & Supply Chain Management

Total end to end logistics support and management for the entire value chain in the chemistries we support Global and local logistic networks.


Supply of specialised strategically relevant chemistries into refining oil and gas industries focused on innovation and technical leadership.

Engineering Support

Supporting all engineering interventions related to the chemistries we handle, including scoping benchmarking and redesigning.

Catalyst Handling

Material handling to optimise delivery mechanism directly into refinery application, with a focus on cost optimisation and liability of service.

Our clients

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International Technology

Where ever you are in the world we got you covered.

Patented Chemistries

We provide lots of benefits at a reasonable price.

Total Value Chain Management

We guarantee the best quality products and services.

Cutting/ Leading Edge Chemistries

We guarantee safety for all our employees also our clients.

Expert Process Optimisation

We have more than 20 engineer experts.

World-Class Technical Support

Our best & professional agencies are always available to assist.